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Studio Recordings
This is a composition for drum set and electronics. Some of the music is precomposed and some is improvised incorporating an artificial intelligence I developed that listens and responds to my drum playing 

The Maiden Recording: The James Williams Trio Demo

I recorded and engineered James Williams' Jazz Trio @UCSD. These are the 3 pieces including a couple alternates.
  1. Song1
  2. Song1 (alt)
  3. Song2
  4. Song3 (alt)
  5. Song3
Studio work with Matt Wilson

I played drums for guitarist, Matt Wilson, in the studio
  1. Angel
  2. Tragic Death of Newman

This is just an unadulterated recording of myself playing some piano in one of the UCSD isolation rooms using only one microphone.
  1. piano
Electric Soup (ElectroAcoustic Ensemble)
Here are some video's from David Borgo's DVD Chance, Discovery, Design
These and some other videos can be found at David's site