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PD Patches
Here are several cool PD patches with descriptions and images for each patch.

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Single Voice Isolation in a Complex Waveform 

This is a patch that takes an audio file and uses FFT to separate the vocals from the backing band.  There is a table that refers to the center frequency that you would like to isolate for each bin.  It works best if you draw the pitches manually (which may take some time), but it is possible to effectively separate specific voices or instruments.
Image 1: Pitches table and code for charting the center frequencies for each FFT bin
Image 2: Loading the audio file in the 'read' message

Image 3:  FFT, Image 4: Hann-window

Image 5: FFT Analysis
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 Synthesizer and Note Sequencer

This is a 6 voice synthesizer that takes in MIDI data and uses a series of pure sine tone oscillators, frequency modulations, and voltage controlled bandpass filters to produce the sound.  There is also a a random note sequencer if you just want to play around and hear the different sound capabilities.  Just turn the volume up on the interface, press start, and adjust the settings (or use one of the presets). 

Image 1:  User Interface

Image 2: Code for each synth voice

Image 3: Random Voice Sequencer code

Image 4: Preset values and signal/MIDI messaging routing

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Echo Effect from the Simultaneous Playback of Identical Sounds at Various Speeds and Frequency Transpositions

 A patch that takes an audio file and plays it at 3 different speed ratios (1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2.5).  The 3 different speeds are played on top of one another so an echo and reverberation effect is created.  There are controls to change the playback speed of the audio file itself (not the ratios) and the pitch can also be transposed.
Image 1: sampler with variable play back speed

Image 2: speed, transposition, and chunk size controls, Image 3: Load sound file into table

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Musical Harmonic Combinations and Structures

This is an interesting patch that's purpose is to demonstrate the effects of different harmonic combinations.  It plays 4 fundamental pitches simultaneously and calculates several more pitches from those fundamentals to played at various delayed times controlled by a sequencer.
Image 1: interface and visual display of panning

Image 2: The two shots on the left are the two different time varying start and length times.  The screenshot on the left is the sequence.

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A Series of Arrays to Create Reverberation

A patch that reads from multiple arrays simultaneously to create a cool effect.  There are 3 frequency arrays, 1 Q array for the bandpass, and a reverb array.

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Drum Sequencer

 A drum sequencer using 4 different sound files (bongo, conga, floor tom, and bass drum).  Though many sounds can be created from the files through the signal processing.  I have a few low pass filters and backwards functions that allow for some variability in the sound synthesis.  Also, I've been thinking about including some convolution reverb using the drum files as the impulse responses, but I haven't been able to get around to it yet.
Image 1:  Where each sound file is called

Image 2: Sequencing to create pattern for each sound (16 beat loop)

Image 3: Control Interface

Image 4: Functions to play samples backwards

Image 5: Impulses for each sample


Visual Art with PD

Here are a few screenshots of a visual art piece I did using PD.  I projected hundreds of 'bang' objects onto a big screen and each individual 'bang' when activated would flash in a calculated sequence creating interesting shapes and patterns.
Image 1: Different Patterns

Image 2: The whole thing