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Live Performances

Listening Machines Performances @ GaTech

A performance of the piece Heat of the Day by jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. In this arrangement a combination of melodic and rhythmic percussion instruments are played by humans and mechanical devices respectively. Our setup alludes to Metheny's own mechanical ensemble, Orchestrion, which uses solenoids to musically layer several percussive sounds. Though much of the piece is precomposed there are sections in which the software takes advantage of listening techniques and stochastic processes for improvisatory purposes.

These are a few recordings of some performances I've done in San Diego
Advanced Improvisation Ensemble@UCSD
Fall '05
David Borgo - Saxophone, Flute
Bobby Werner - Vocals
Mike Stockalper - Piano
Alan Irwin - e. Guitar
Tom Fergusson - Contrabass
Mason Bretan- Drumset
  1.  Faux Fum
  2. Devil Woman
  3. The Prince Came But Found Himself... Disappointed
  4. Peggy's Blue Stablemate
  5. Portrait
  6. Cantando Andando
  7. Seein' Baby Home
  8. Sleepy Blues
  9. Spidermonkey
  10. Better Get Hit In Your Soul

Advanced Improvisation Ensemble@UCSD
Winter '07

This is another Jazz Ensemble I played in at UCSD; I
played vibraphone for this group
  1. Three Card Molly
  2. I Love You Porgy
  3. The Seductress
  4. The Nearness of You
  5. Tu-Way-Pac-E-Way
  6. A Song for You
  7. Miles Mode
Opening For Joshua Redman and the SF Jazz Collective
March '06 @Mandeville Concert Hall
David Borgo - Tenor Sax
Kamau Kenyatta - Soprano Sax
Mike Stockalper - Piano
Matt Wilson - e. Guitar
Tom Fergusson - Contrabass
Mason Bretan - Drumset

We were the opening act for the SF Jazz Collective.  Here are 2
of the 3 songs we played recorded with a portable device back
  1. Sunday Waltz
  2. Underground Railroad
Electric Soup (Electro-Acoustic Ensemble)
Fall '06
David Borgo - Sax, EWI, Laptop
Jeff Sapin - Bari Sax, Laptop
Tom Fergusson - e. Bass, Laptop
Matt Wilson - e. Guitar
Mason Bretan - Drumset
Rich Eakin - Laptop

Electric Soup is an experimental group consisting of
elements from jazz, rock, free improvisation, and real-
time computer synthesis and processing.  These
recordings are from a live performance; there are more
from this group in the 'Studio' recordings section.
  1. 01 Track 1.mp3
  2. 02 Track 2.mp3
  3. 03 Track 3.mp3
  4. 04 Track 4.mp3
  5. 05 Track 5.mp3
  6. 06 Track 6.mp3
  7. 07 Track 7.mp3
  8. 08 Track 8.mp3
  9. 09 Track 9.mp3
  10. 10 Track 10.mp3
  11. 01 Track 11.mp3