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Inner Ear Acoustics and the Vestibular System

I have been doing vestibular research with Dr. Tim Hullar (link to his site here) at Washington University.  Most of my work with him has had to do with developing sound generating applications to examine the effects of auditory cues on the detection of movement as well as finding resonant frequencies of specific compartments of the inner ear.  I am currently working on the latter and here are a few images of the semi circular canal data.  The data is from a particular marine mammal.  We are examining the inner ear acoustics of marine mammals to test a hypothesis that these animals evolved certain traits as a result of their high frequency vocalizations.  I am using Matlab to develop a matrix which defines the canals and will examine the eigenvalues to find the natural modes.  A few notable methods I have been using are Dunkerley's and the Rayleigh-Ritz.  I will be posting more data, images, and info on the research once the paper is published.
 Semi circular canal data from a cetacean.